Apparently, many people just don't know how to say sorry.

Don't the teachers in kindergartens teach them how?

If you are one of them, read aloud the words in the following picture and you'll know how:

Saying sorry when you are supposed to doesn't makes you a loser, but if u don't, you are definitely one.

So, be courteous, say sorry to others when you have to. Mind your manners, together we'll make the world a better place to stay.

Peace =)

I'm always playing with my clothes, trying mix n match endlessly. And sometimes, it's amazing that how things can look so fantastic when matching up with different things, things that u nvr know they would be. Hmmm, so, here I go again, this time, turning these items into a dress.

I've been finding white tutu skirt/dress for photo shooting. Perhaps the movie black swan just evoke my childhood dream again.... But then, I don't have any white cute skirt. And I thought of this black one.. Why not have a black combo? And it turns out like this:

To complete the look, put on a tiara. A must have for princesses =) nah, every girl's a princess, it's just that if we love ourselves enough or not. So, starting from today onwards, girls, treat yourself and love yourself the very much u deserved.

ps: u don't need a prince to be a princess ^^



























Today, I kissed my friend on her birthday.

It’s strange

That we are so different

Yet so similar.

U wear a scarf

While I don’t

U are innocent

While I’m notorious

U are demure

While I’m kinda aggressive.


Love you forever,

For who you are.

Happy Birthday!

Ps: don’t cry when read this lah u,

and i know my drawing sucks =p

I, felt like a steam pao, while doing hot stretch.
瑜伽时, 感觉自己像个包子, 快被蒸熟了

But, I'm sure that, I was a happy and healthy pao.
但,我知道, 自己是个健康快乐的包子 =)
The last day of 2010
what do you have on your mind?

Are you happy with what you achieved
are you satisfy with what you did
what do you want to improve for the coming year
what will you do to make your self happier?
these are the questions playing on my mind

2010, indeed a special year to me.
was lucky enough
to fly to Taiwan to teach English
though i earn no money
but what i got
are beyond money could ever buy
I got myself bunch of new sincere friends
got to learn and adapt to different culture
traveling around the island
and know myself better.

And ya, never forget,
my 1st dean list in my life,
indeed, the best new year present ever
for me =)

2011, lies a lot of uncertainties.
will i be lost?
i'll never know
if i'll get to go Italy
and tour Europe again
and my life would be a total different story
or i'll be working
as a teacher? executive? i never know

I guess
i shall work harder in 2011
shed away the extra kilos
and take some pretty pics
before i'm too old and wrinkled
this i promise =)

Whatever what your new year resolution is
what your wish might be
just remember
to love yourself more
and then spread the love you have
to the people around you
for a better new year.

Happy new year my friends!~

Best wishes
Princess Megumi S.

I have a dream, a song to sing,
to help me cope with anything.
I have a dream, a fantasy,
to help me through reality.

*modified from the song 'i have a dream'

I, have a dream,
a dream too good to be true,
and when I am lost,
I start to dream,
for dream,
will lead me to,
where my heart belongs to,
what I've wanted for,
in the dream land,
so free,
with only me and myself.

And now,
I'm lost again,
thinking about my future after graduating.
Shall I,
still continue my dream
or wake up
to face the reality?

however great, will be still a dream;
but one will never go far,
if he has no dream.